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I've decided that I'm gonna start going to school now, so I can have a place to stay~! Uguu~ ♥ I'm gonna be going to 9th grade, apparently...

Hauu, I hope it won't be too hard to understand stuff~!

Aug. 27th, 2007

Yay, the faces on my horns are gone~! Uguu~~ And they haven't blasted anything either~! Uguu~~

Hauu, I'm craving sweets...♥~

Aug. 20th, 2007

..M-my horns! I looked...I looked in a pond, and my horns have -faces- on them! L-like... both of them had a :O face! L-like they were surprised, just like me!

W-what's going on?

[[Has anyone seen Potemayo? That..that little chibi thing with the horns. I got inspiration from that for Hanyuu's mutation. xD]]
I can hear again, I can hear again~! Uguu~~ ♥

Um...I just realized that I need to find a place to stay...the "dorms" are only for students, I think, and I don't know where Sam-san is (or if he's still even here), same with Konata-san... au au au auu...
...I was in Hinamizawa just a minute ago, talking to Rika! I'm confused...

This place is kinda familiar. Ahv......Avoria? There we go~ Um... I guess it's kinda good to be back here again..

I'm really happy to know that most things were going right this time around in Hinamizawa~ The effort definitely didn't go to waste~! ♥

Wow....it's quieter than usual here. But....it's odd, I don't even hear myself humming... am I deaf?! But...but I was hearing everything just fine..! Au au au au auuuu...
…Au au au au au…!! 

This place….I don’t know this place… Au au au au….! Could someone please, please show me the way back to Hinamizawa? Or, or please tell me where I am? I gotta keep helping Rika-chan…What’s gonna happen now? I can’t help her anymore...

..Au au au au…..

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